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The Big Brain Benefits of Meditation.

Nothing is quite as satisfying as a yoga practice that’s filled with movement. Whether you prefer an intense and sweaty vinyasa practice, a gentle but deliberate Viniyoga practice, or something in between, all systems of hatha yoga provide a contented afterglow for the

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Yes, mindfulness is really a thing

It’s the buzzword on everyone’s lips. But what exactly is mindfulness? Mindfulness has certainly become flavour of the month. Many workplaces now offer it to their employees and we are seeing more


The Importance of Being Mindful

Mindfulness is the key to a happy and fulfilled life Do you know what one of the biggest causes of unhappiness is? Overthinking. And unfortunately, overthinking is an easy trap to fall


How to Cleanse Your Mind and Body

Our minds and bodies are constantly processing food, drink, thoughts, and emotions. In our 100 miles-per-minute world, we can easily feel overwhelmed. When you start to feel like you need to take a


The Value of Meditation at Work

Work related stress is now the leading cause of workplace disability, costing America businesses up to $300 billion a year, according to the World Health Organization. Doing more with less is the mantra

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