Engaging Conversations

The irony is that more we are away from WIFI, the better we connect”

Engaging Conversations are small, simple talks, especially an informal one, between two or more people, in which news and ideas are exchanged.

One of the best remedies for stress can often be simply to talk. Stress is normally the cause of some sort of problem, whether it is work related, family related etc. And we all know what they say about a problem shared, which does have some merit. Taking a problem through can help to put it in to perspective and throw a new, objective view on It. Bottling things up and letting the stress fester is the worst thing that you can do, as this fails to solve anything and simply enhances the stress.

The person who you talk to or confide in can be anyone you deem appropriate. You might want to speak to a good friend, a partner or a family member. Sharing your burden can often help to lighten the load, and knowing that you have someone to talk things through with and discuss your issues with can often promote a far more upbeat and positive feeling. Many people are frightened to talk things through because they think that discussing their problems is a sign of weakness. However, it is actually the complete opposite – talking shows that you want to find an effective solution, that you are prepared to look at all options and that you are not too proud to ask for help in a time of need Gossip can be taken as a social skill rather than as a character flaw, because it is only when we do not do it well that we get into trouble.  Sharing gossip with another person is a sign of deep trust, because you are signalling that you believe that this person will not use this sensitive information in a way that will have negative consequences for you, and shared secrets have a way of bonding people together. An individual who is not part of the office gossip network is an outsider who is neither trusted nor accepted by the group.  Hence, adopting the role of the self-righteous soul who refuses to participate in gossip will ultimately be self-defeating and it will end up being nothing more than a ticket to social isolation. Successful gossiping is about being a good team player and sharing key information with others.  


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