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Sadhguru and Sekhar Kapoor on stress

Sadhguru looks at how stress does not occur because of the nature of our activity or situations we are in. It is an inability to manage our inner situation. Stress is something that we create for ourselves and how we

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Inner Engineering- A Yogi’s Guide to Joy

by Sadhguru Inner Engineering is a fascinating read, rich with Sadhguru’s insights and his teachings. If you are ready, it is a tool to help awaken your own inner intelligence, the ultimate


Utkarsha Yoga

Art of Living Workshop for children. DATE: 09 October 2019 – 13 October TIME: 5:30 PM – 8:30PM VENUE: Om Shakti Mini Hall, 13C Cross Kaggadaspura, C V Raman Nagar BENEFITS: 1)


How to achieve wellbeing?

Sadhguru explains how the process of desire is continuous. We are always in search of our well-being through day-to-day action. Major life changes do not necessarily improve our well-being, but through Inner


15 mental health facts you should know

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. In an effort to clear up common misconceptions and promote increased awareness, we present 15 important facts about mental health. Millions of Americans quietly battle mental


Mindfulness in the Workplace

Whether it’s a meditation room in the office, subsidized yoga classes, or smoothie-making workshops, companies around the world are finding ways to bring mindfulness to work. And it’s not just employees getting

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