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When stress affects the brain, with its many nerve connections, the rest of the body feels the impact as well. So, it stands to reason that if your body feels better, so does your mind. Exercise and other physical activity produce endorphin to the brain that improve the ability to sleep, which in turn reduces stress. Exercise like Zumba, dance, acupuncture, massage therapy, yoga, even breathing deeply can cause your body to produce endorphins. And conventional wisdom holds that a workout of low to moderate intensity makes you feel energized and healthy.


Having to do with psychology, the study of the human mind and behaviour. “The psychologist was called to the witness stand to explain the psychological reasons why and how the defendant might have acted in such an unpredictable manner.”
Find positive, healthy ways to manage stress as it occurs Everyone is different, and so are the ways they choose to manage their stress. Some people prefer pursuing hobbies such as gardening, playing music and creating art, while others find relief in more solitary activities: meditation, yoga, laughing, walking or spend time with family or pet.


Spiritual philosophy is a generic term for any philosophy or teaching that pertains to spirituality. It may incorporate religious or esoteric themes. Cultivating your spirituality may help uncover what’s most meaningful in your life. By clarifying what’s most important, you can focus less on the unimportant things and eliminate stress. Connect to yourself and the word. The most common (and most formal) way to plan out your spiritual is by using prayer, meditation and relaxation techniques on a routine basis.

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