How much is enough for our lifetime, and can we balance good and greed?”  Are we going to be preoccupied with acquiring only or take a pause to experience it? Is the ecosystem around us going to define how much we require?

Abundance makes one question arises how much is more, we all have more than the usual number of everyday financial questions weighing on us. It is a quantitative question for sure. That how much personal income and spending is, but the question’s qualitative nature is what makes it special and singular. It is about how money, status, respect makes us feel secure and stress free. 

Finding the balance between Good (Ambition) and Greed. If you focus on being ambitious more than focusing on the goal itself, you’re obviously chasing the wrong dream. For every individual, there is a personal concept of Good and Greed. 

Abundance includes finances, of course, but it’s so much more than money. Abundance is a state of mind.  According to trusty Merriam-Webster, abundance is a very large quantity of something. Most of us will have a little bit of a lot of things instead of a massive volume of one thing. You feel like you belong to a community, or have a few great friends you know that you can count on, or a career that either fulfils you, or pays the bills, or dare we say both? Abundance can be in JOY, CAREER, HOME, FRIENDSHIP, LOVE, SELF-CARE. Balance in your life can give you harmony and stress-free life to enjoy and look forward.


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