Socialization the process whereby a person learns to adjust to a group and interacts with the group and feels that he is part of the larger social fabric and not as an outsider. It is a continuing process whereby an individual acquires a personal identity and learns to behaviour in a way that is acceptable to society. (Read More)

Gossip is Good – human race was made for loving hearts and not lonely hearts”  As social animals one of the inherent needs is to emote and share and not stay  /work as lone wolves

Socialization impacts human relations in small but in a number of ways.  humans are inherently social beings. Socialization, or enjoying other people’s company maintains a sense of connectedness to others, which is important component of stress reduction. Trust plays is an important role in how to cultivate social networks of friends, family and even pets can help foster trust, support and relaxation from stress. You should learn to depend on one another for mutual support. Encourage to collaborate and harness individual talents to meet goals; and, when necessary, seek guidance or support from other to reduce stress. Doing so we learn to look after one another for help, rather than shoulder the weight of a burden or problem on their own.

Generally, socialization shapes the way people view teamwork, work habits and the sharing of information, which are all important factors in life. In an organization socialization provides employees with the skills and customs necessary for participating within the corporate culture and increases motivation. An important issue from social and organizational psychology is that loneliness can disrupt the productivity of companies. To help your employees participate within the company culture, organize team building exercises and activities that encourage bonding. Activities can range from brain teasers to outdoor activities, and should require employees to work together to meet a common goal or objective.


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