Genesis Of The Framework

 ”When did asking for help become a sign of vulnerability”

The elephant in the room—- Stress draws a parallel to the ‘Elephant in room,’ an idiom for an obvious problem or risk no one wants to discuss, or a condition of group no one wants to challenge

In our modern day, corporate life (workplace)we often take pride that we can talk or converse on any possible topic under sun, but little do we realise or notice that STRESS as topic is a forbidden or taboo to discuss: that is “elephant if the room”. 

The biggest fear today is we have built a defence mechanism to address STRESS in both our workplace and as individual by not addressing it at all. At our workplace, we experience statement like –  You aren’t man enough if you can’t handle stress. All the successful leaders before you have handled it and hence they have grown.” Stop being a chicken, can’t you handle complex issues” 

 At individual level, we are busy running in the rat race and keep telling ourselves that we can have all that our colleagues/neighbours have as we have only one life to live. Questioning our capability every moment, why can’t I have what others have, forgetting to enjoy and live, the small joys and moments of life.


stress at workplace . . . the elephant in the room

In our modern day corporate life (workplaces), we often take pride in the fact that we can talk or converse on any topic under the sun. However, little do we realize or notice that STRESS as a topic is taboo or is discussed in a hush hush form; it’s the ‘elephant in the room.’

p.a.u.s.e. is possible . . . p.a.u.s.e. doesn’t slow you down, it actually propels you.
p.a.u.s.e. is a multilayer approach based on our purpose, joy & happiness and stress

Purpose of life for an individual –  that is to find meaning in what we do; is as important as one’s need to exercise, sleep well, or eat a healthy diet. It is important that we as humans have a basic purpose in life.

Abundance  makes one question how much is more & how much is enough? It is important to ask this question because with each passing day we have more-and-more financial questions weighing on us

Unlimited Mindfulness is basic human capability to be fully present and pay careful attention to yourself, others and everything around you with greater discernment. Being mindful to one’s self means being completely aware of where we are and what we are doing.

Socialisation is the process whereby a person learns to adjust to a group; interacts with the group and feels a sense of belonging – that he is part of the larger social fabric and not an outsider

Engaging Conversation is small, simple talks, especially informal ones, between two or more people, in which news and ideas are exchanged that help individuals destress.

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