Happy Place To Work

If you believe that you have a healthy work environment and a stress-free ecosystem, we invite you to participate in our Magic Orbit Study. This study allows you to benchmark the SoS score of your organization with that of the world. It is a holistic and standardized assessment in which we compare your organization with the world. An organization can register for this study only post competion of the SoS Compass Study. It is the perfect way to tell your talent that you care about their wellbeing and showcase to the world what a happy workplace you are.

To accomplish this, we have developed five orbits (H-H-H-H-H) and your organization will reach the outer orbits depending on how well stress is managed in your organization.

  • Happy (Outermost) – This is the best possible orbit to be in. It highlights the great initiatives being taken by the organization in ensuring that the workforce is happy, stress free and enjoys contributing to the organization each day.
  • Hearty – This is a greatly positive allocation. It highlights the efforts taken by an organization towards minimization of stress and poor mental health. It signifies that the stress levels in the organization are quite low and employees are readily willing to work towards organizational goals.
  • Healthy – This is also a positive categorization. It highlights that the organization is aware of Employee mental health and well-being. It signifies that efforts have been made in managing employee stress and that employees are willing to contribute to the organization.
  • Hazardous – This is the first negative categorization. It highlights that not enough is being done to care for Employee mental health and well-being or the initiatives being undertaken are not having the desired impact. It signifies that greater efforts need to be taken to motivate employees towards better performance.
  • Harmful (Innermost) – This is the most negative categorization. It highlights that nothing or the bare minimum is being done to manage Employee mental health and well-being. It signifies that mental wellbeing is not a priority for the organization and that they are conducive to a high-pressure environment.
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