Macro Level – Magic Orbit

We encourage organizations to participate in our comparative study. If you believe that you have a healthy work environment and a stress free ecosystem, we invite you to participate in our Magic Orbit Study. This study allows you to compare your stress scores with that of your industry peers so that you know where your organization stands and can proudly display the stress free badge.

Mini Macro Level – The Organization

We encourage organizations to participate in our SoS Compass Stress Study. We are aware that today’s organizations take proactive measures towards developing a healthy work environment. In continuing these efforts, we have developed this initiative in which we use our stress quantification tool to generate reports that draw correlations between organizational productivity, innovation and creation, attrition and retention, longevity and hiring with the stress levels existing in the organization. 

Micro Level – The Individual

Every Participant will have his own confidential login details to assess the reports and action plan resources. The reports will facilitate the individual to compare their scores with the Industry Average, Role Average, Profession Average, Age wise analysis, Gender comparisons etc.  None of these reports can be accessed by another entity, including the organisation.

Nuts & Bolts

The SoS Compass is called Scale of Stress . The SoS Compass is a ‘Scale of Stress’ Measurement and is essentially a psychological measure to assess the emotional wellbeing of an organization

➤ The tool is built on an ABCD scale based on 5 parameters of wellbeing.  The tool derives the intensity of the stress and diagonally measures the causes of the stress based on an assessment questionnaire of 25 questions ie. 5 on each parameter

➤ It is an online survey, fully automated and portable

➤ It will Show Organizational Score – SoS Score

  • Comparison study :-
  • Function
  • Tenure
  • Age
  • Gender

➤ Data provided by organizations will be confidential

Sample Report

Organization Score

Pause Score

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