Baseline Your Scores

How much is manageable and when should we get alarmed?

We encourage organizations to compare their stress levels with their industry peers. This will give immense insights into what the trends are in the market and can help organizations take only the necessary corrective actions, if required. It helps organizations understand where they stand and can be a great confidence booster for well managed organizations. This is a paid offering and can be flaunted to show the world what a great workplace you are.

We encourage organizations and individuals to baseline their scores with organizational and industry scores in the following manner-

Overall Individual Score – My Score
Score comparison with global average
Score comparison with industry average
Score comparison with age group average
Score comparison with gender average
Score comparison with job function average
Score comparison with job role average

Please find below samples of how an organization and an individual can compare their scores.

Step 1 :

Step 2

Step 3
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