The Elephant in Your Office Has a Mental Illness | Ashley Sides Johnson 

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Is there an elephant in your office? Ashley Sides Johnson uses this simple metaphor to explain the complexities of mental illness in the workplace. Drawing from content from her recently published book, “There’s an Elephant in Your Office,” she explains the mental health continuum as well as various mental health workplace situations and how employers can handle them effectively for the benefit of both the employee and the organization. Following years of dance recitals, band concerts, and theater performances, Ashley feels at home on a stage. She’s equally as comfortable behind a computer screen transforming complex topics into understandable stories and instructions. Her recently published book, There’s an Elephant in Your Office, does just that by using a simple metaphor to explain the complexities of mental illness in the workplace. She also writes about parenting and mental health on her blog, ASJexplains.

The majority of Ashley’s professional life has taken place within the walls of regional hospitals. She speaks “healthcare” fluently and enjoys making medical topics less intimidating to patients and their families. Her work with the Community Health Needs Assessment ignited special interest in the fields of mental health and homelessness and fueled her desire to help create the Homeless Medical Respite Program at United Caring Services. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

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