Workplace mental health and wellbeing

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Synopsis: Deloitte, with a whole centre dedicated to finding solutions for health has published this extraordinary pdf on why health should be a priority, the loopholes in the current market and what the respective share-holders should induce to make the workplace healthy. This is a good holistic approach to dealing with this crisis

Name: Health & Wellness Indian Perspective
Author: Life Sciences & IT Knowledge Banking (LSIT), YES BANK
Source: YesBank website

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Synopsis: Centred at the Indian sub-continent, this case-study has done extensive study into the Indian health and wellness industry, the practices adopted here and the pros and cons attached to these. A great read to understand India and its health and wellness story.

Wellbeing Talks (V Diaries):

  1. Name: What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness

Author: Robert Waldinger
Source: Youtube/Ted website

Synopsis: Talking about the longest and probably the rarest research study on happiness, this video addresses the key aspect to living a good life, having sound relationships with people. The simplicity yet deep significance of the video makes it long-lasting on the audiences’ mind.

  • Name: Oprah Winfrey talks with Thich Nhat Hanh Excerpt – Powerful
    Author/Source: Plum Village App
    Synopsis: Can’t think of two better people to talk about wellbeing than them.

Author: Dan Cable
Source: Head Talks

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