What Abundance means to me.

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Money can’t buy happiness, but it has an unavoidable effect on our lives.

I’ve started to see the word Abundance thrown around everywhere these days. So what does it mean to truly have an abundant life?

Abundance may mean different things to different people. The word abundance is generally a religious term, and while I’m not religious, I completely get the concept and the wonder of having unlimited resources. The idea of having much and of knowing that there’s more where that came from is a beautiful thing.

My definition of abundance has nothing to do with religion. My ideas have to do more with the balance of people, health, and wealth that surround you. I’m strongly interested in nurturing a positive mindset, seeing the good in things, giving situations the positive benefit of doubt, being able to see solutions, allowing people in your life that support you and giving the rest the boot, working toward your goals with strong conviction and belief in how you’ll help others, and then enjoying the rewards of your hard work with those around you.

Everyone’s definition is going to vary because everyone’s circumstances, backgrounds, and belief systems around money vary. To some, maybe money does come to mind along with a specific dollar figure. To others, maybe a feeling of freedom comes to mind – it’s important to notice that even that feeling has some sort of price tag, even if it isn’t monetary.

We all have a different perspective on what we believe would provide us security and freedom. I started to become aware of this while we were working through the rock-bottom portion of our financial journey.

The Earliest Moments of My Turn Toward Abundance

I became sharply aware of the amount of stress I carried, how it affected my body, the lack of mental energy I had as a result of that stress and the extreme differences between abundant thoughts and scarcity-type thoughts.

During that time, my perspective around money and how I viewed parenting, our lifestyle, our future, and especially my kids’ future drastically changed.

I had never previously examined whether my thoughts were filled with scarcity or not, and I’d never looked at my behavior as an influence to the results I had with my money.

I’m naturally interested in psychology. So, during all my binge listening of podcasts and during all the time I spent pouring over books and financial research, I couldn’t help but notice how much our habits and behaviors and mindset had such an effect on how much money we make, how we use it, and what we have left.

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