Chronic Stress, Anxiety? – You Are Your Best Doctor! | Dr. Bal Pawa | TEDxSFU

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Going from physician to patient following an accident on the same day, Dr. Bal Pawa realized the gap in our current medical system: The vital role of the mind-body connection and self-regulation. Her story teaches us the importance of taking control of our health and instilling techniques for self-care. One of Canada’s leading Integrative physicians and co-founder of the Westcoast Women’s Clinic, Dr. Pawa is also an author and speaker. She has been in practice for over 30 years using a unique, combined training as a Pharmacist, Medical Doctor, and Integrative Medicine practitioner which was instrumental in recognizing the need for Holistic Healthcare and disease prevention. Dr. Pawa obtained certification from Harvard Medical School in Mind-Body Medicine and also completed training under the direction of Dr. Deepak Chopra. She has made it her personal mission to empower, educate and inspire people to take charge of their health by cultivating a healthy, proactive mindset and bridging that gap.

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