5 indoor activities that will help improve mindfulness, mental health during social distancing

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Understanding and giving your mind a break is extremely important to keep it healthy. Every day, we have a number of thoughts – while some of them are positive, most may be negative, especially at this time.

  • The coronavirus pandemic has brought with itself a looming mental health crisis
  • People are experiencing a lapse in their symptoms, and some people are seeing new symptoms of mental health conditions
  • Here are 5 ways to improve mental health and mindfulness while staying indoors

New Delhi: As all of us stay indoors to practice social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic amidst the peaking number of cases every day, we know that our physical and mental health otherwise has really been suffering. While the damage to physical health is mostly in the form of weight gain, the damage is still repairable and reversible with home workouts and controlled eating. However, the effects of the uncertainty and unpredictability of the pandemic are really showing up in people’s poor mental health, and there seems to be little that they can do about it, restricted in the four walls of their homes.

Understanding and giving your mind a break is extremely important to keep it healthy. Every day, we have a number of thoughts – while some of them are positive, most may be negative, especially during times like these. Therefore, it is essential to consciously make an effort to train your mind, and give it a break from all the negativity. While spending time in nature, outdoors, has been one of the best ways to improve mindfulness, with that option temporarily unavailable, here are 5 things you can do indoors to feel better, and improve your mental health.

  1. An hour in an open space – It does not have to be a park with hundreds of people around you – it can simply be your terrace or your balcony. Wake up early, and spend some time alone, with your thoughts, out in the open. You may also do this in the evening if the weather allows. You may practice breathing exercises, or practise Yoga, or even workout on your terrace. This helps to kickstart your day with positivity and helps you relieve stress and tension. Spending time in nature makes us realise how tiny are we and our troubles in this vast universe.
  2. Pursue a hobby – Make your favourite activities a part of your routine, in a way that it becomes a part of your everyday schedule. Gardening, cooking, colouring, painting, reading, etc – whatever you like can be incorporated in your routine. Doing what you enjoy doing can help improve mindfulness and give you a break from the monotony of life, especially at this time.
  3. Indoor plants – Indoor plants help to improve the quality of air in your house, add colour and beauty to the décor. Indoor plants can be a great source of positivity, as they fill up the room with life. Snake plant, money plant, etc are some popular indoor plants that also act as natural air purifiers.
  4. Eat healthily – While we often only associate diet with our physical health, enough evidence exists to prove that it has an effect on our mental well being as well. Eat healthily and provide good nutrition to the body. Refrain from sugary, processed, and outside food, since while it seems comforting and rewarding to the body, it only makes you lazy and can worsen your mood.
  5. Add more colour to your house – Colours are known to affect our moods in different ways. Colour psychology is a branch of study that explains how one colour affects how you feel, and what it denotes. Add more happy colours to your room, and the house overall, and you are likely to notice a difference. 

Exercise, diet, and no amount of things you enjoy doing can be substitutes for professional medical help. If you feel you are suffering from any mental health disorder, or just feel uncomfortable, it is best to seek professional advice for the condition.

Source: – TimesNow News

By: – Anushree Gupta

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